Our Story


Childhood beautiful memories are one of the richest memories ever, I believe that such warm moments that were formed in our childhood are the main element that form the personality. There, at that spot in the corner of memories I regain my happiness when having my first leather bag as a gift from my father which I have been closely associated with it and left a mark in my mind till this moment, I still remember the smell of the leather and its touch, I remember the value of my self-confidence when the bag that I have looks like as a source of strength. There, the first dream features began to turn that beautiful memory into a reality and a distinctive brand that makes everyone who has it proud and happy to be a legacy to him over the time.

Lulwa AbdulRahman ALMannai

What the name LAM means?

The name in English is an abbreviation of the designer’s full name:
L: Lulwa
A: Abdul Rahman
M: Mannai
Name in Arabic, the letter (ل), its meaning was taken from the Syriac language, it means the stick, as the stick refers in history and explanation of dreams books to the power of its owner, help to the traveler, protection and prestige for those who have it.


To be LAM Leather Bag a valuable masterwork such as a historical legacy that causes happiness and pride to those who have it.


LAM is a hand-made bag made of leather to include luxury, quality and excellence of design, ensuring that its local and international customers’ daily needs are satisfied.


  • Handmade, made of leather with distinctive design.
  • Combines luxury of quality and simplicity of design.
  • Strong leather quality renewed over the time.
  • Meets the need of practical life within a prestigious society.


Each design has its own inspiration which draws its first lines, when I share with you the real story behind LAM bags design I will go back to a very beautiful memory when I was a child and used to spend hours playing with my Mom’s Leather Bag.


The maroon leather, metal lock and its sound as it opens to reveal its beautiful stuff like a treasure I look at. I regained this beautiful memory with a metal lock design in LAM Leather bags, their classic warm colors that remind me of the color of mom’s bag, I never forget its angles and shape as if a precious treasure bag.


Today, I am very happy that such memories have been shaped into a reality that I am proud of, everyone who have LAM bags feels that the bags have memories, stories to be told and could be a legacy someday or may instill hope in little hearts.

Our Leather

For LAM, we choose the quality of leather used in our bags, we assert that the phase of seeking the quality that meets our standards is the most difficult stage of the project. According to this principle, the first collection of LAM using vegetable-tanned leather where the leather is turned into a useful product using organic and natural materials from bark, leaves branches of trees. The vegetable-tanned leather has a distinctive wooden smell usually associated with leather. Each bag made of this leather has unique shades and differences, which is a sign of goodness. Lack of consistency of color and tone is not considered as a defect. On the contrary, it is one of the characteristics of the natural tanning processes. The vegetable-tanned leather is characterized by its durability water resistance compared to the chrome-tanned leather. Additionally, it is renewable over the time and environmentally friendly, as the material used from plants do not affect the human use on the long run – for more information about the type of used leather, please refer to the article posted on the site.