Our Story


The beautiful childhood memories are considered one of the most 
absolute richest memories. I truly believe that the warmth of these 
moments has an impact in shaping our personalities. So right there, 
from that spot in the corner of my memories, I recall my happiness 
when my father gave me my first leather bag which I got attached to 
deeply and until this moment, it is still imprinted in my heart and 
I still reminisce about the smell of the leather and it’s fine touch, I 
remember how the bag gave me confidence as if it was my source of 
From that moment, I turned my first dream to reality and a 
distinguished brand that makes whoever has it, feel proud and happy 
and through time, becomes its legacy.  

Lulwa AbdulRahman ALMannai

What does LAM stand for?

It is an abbreviation of the designer’s full name:

L stands for: Lulwa

And A is for: Abdulrahman

M stands for: Mannai

  • The name in Arabic:

The letter (ل) in Syriac language carries the meaning of a stick. The stick in history books and dreams explanation symbolizes power to its owner and an aid and protection to a traveler. 

Its symbols and meanings express the true meaning of (ل) bags.



For LAM’s bag to establish itself as a valuable masterpiece and legacy that brings joy and pride to its owner. 


LAM is a leather bag that was handmade to combine between the luxurious quality and distinguished design that ensures its local and international owner the satisfaction in meeting his daily needs with a sophisticated look.


  • Handmade, natural leather, distinguished design
  • Looking for exclusivity and confidence 
  • The strong quality of leather renewed over time 


Each design has its own inspiration, so while I share this true story behind the designing of LAM’s bags, I recall a beautiful memory of me as a child spending hours playing with my mother’s leather bag. 

I remember the marron leather, the metal lock and its sound when I opened it and it revealed her beautiful belongings, which to me, looked like treasure. 

I used this memory in designing the metal lock of LAM’s bags, and adopted the warm classic colors which reminded me of the color of her precious bag. I could never forget its angles and shape that looked like a  secret box.

And today, I am happy that such memories that are full of love have turned into a reality that I am greatly proud of, so that every owner of LAM’s bags can feel that bags carry memories, tales to be told, a legacy someday or could spread hope in their heart. 

Our Leather

For LAM, we strived when choosing the quality of leather used for our bags. And we assert that the search journey for the high quality that meets our standard was one of difficult phases of the project. 

Therefore, from that perspective, we launched the first collection by using vegetable-tanned leather, where leather can be turned into a useful product by using organic and natural material from bark, leaves and tree branches. 

The vegetable-tanned leather contains a beautiful and distinctive wooden smell that is usually associated with leather. Each product made from this leather has a unique shade and difference. 

The lack of consistency in color and tone is not a flaw, in fact, it is a sign of originality and a special quality of the natural tanning process.

The vegetable-tanned leather is well-known for its water resistance ability compared to the chrome-tanned leather. In addition, it is renewable over time and is environmentally friendly, as the material used is taken from plants and does not harm people in the long term.

For more information regarding the type of leather used, please visit the article posted on the site.

the article posted on the site.